Live Life with Flavor Challenge Day 3 – Making Emotional Deposits


Hello my Friends! Today is Wild Marriage Wednesdays! Today we are going to make sure you have a Marriage Full of Flavor! Stephen Covey said, “We need to make emotional deposits into our relationships on a regular basis in order for them to flourish!” This is absolutely true and necessary in our marriage! How do…

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Live Life With Flavor Day 2 – Tell Your Children You Love Them Daily


One day, when I am lying on my death bed, I know that the main question going through my mind will be “Did I make a difference in the life of my children?”  Just like any other parent, I want each of my children to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are…

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Live Life with Flavor Day 1 – Take Care of Yourself


Today is the Very First Day of the Live Life with Flavor Challenge!! And, the most important topic of today is AWESOME You! Majestic Me Mondays! Are you always giving to everyone else? Your husband, your kids, your friends, your business… They all have pressing and urgent needs. Do you find yourself depleted, or exhausted……

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Will YOU Accept this Challenge?

FB_LLWFC_Accepted2 (4)

There has been a lot of talk lately about the #ALSICEBUCKET Challenge…I guess a challenge is a good thing, because it gets people thinking about specific issues and it gets people to take action. About 4 months ago, I thought of doing a unique challenge for women- the #LIVELIFEWITHFLAVOR Challenge. This idea emerged after I realized…

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The Day Gus Said This to the Kids I Nearly Died


I wanted to share an encouraging story with you… The other night our family was having dinner and after the children gulped up the last bit of food, Gus said he had an announcement to make. Excited for any fun news that would come out of his mouth, we quickly picked up the table and washed the dishes.…

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The Lightbulb Analogy


I spend a lot of time cooking and baking. In my kitchen, there is one window and six large high-hats (light fixtures that go inside the ceiling) that bring light into the area. This weekend Gus went to the store to buy a few things and brought back some lightbulbs. He then proceeded to change…

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Your Business Should Have Your Flavor


Over the years I’ve realized my business is an extension of who I am and for this reason when people see my business, they should see me. Everything in my business- logo, copy, colors, site theme, video, graphics, images and tag line, among other things, should represent who I am. BUT, this isn’t always easy.…

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What’s YOUR Great Quote?


Every morning as part of my business routines, I find a special quote or an inspirational story for the day and then post it on Facebook on my Shirley Solis business page (Have you liked our Facebook page yet? You should…) Finding a new quote is so much fun. I typically look for something inspirational in…

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A Mom’s Review of Everybody’s Fine (Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore)

Movie- Everybody's Fine. Courtesy of Miramax Films

After watching Everybody’s Fine, starring Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore, I recorded this video on Facebook. If you have children, you should definitely watch this movie. This film made me ponder the reality of parents who LOVE their children, parents who work hard to give them the very best education… Yet, they still fall…

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Easy and Delicious Turkey Recipe- Latino Style!


Even though I grew up in the United States, my mother did not cook turkey on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas. She did not know how to make turkey, because this is an American tradition. Instead, we used to go to a restaurant and eat lobster or shrimp! (Hey, I’m not complaining). However, when I got…

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